Burlington, The “Off the Grid” City

Burlington, Vermont is a long ways from here, but really, we’re not that much different in our environmental goals. Here, on our ranch in Mendocino, California, we’re living off-the-grid.  The power lines stop about 6 miles from our house and there’s not much hope of them continuing up the mountain anytime soon.  That’s OK…we like being self-sufficient.  We get our electricity from the sun, our heat source from the wood stove, our internet from a satellite dish and we just have cell phones.  It’s no big deal.

Burlington, Vermont
Burlington, VT

So, I was very interested to read a magazine article on the website,  Politico this morning about Burlington, VT…. “America’s First Renewable-Energy City,” by  Mark Peterson/Redux Pictures.  I have to say that it was refreshing to get away from the boiling, political cauldron and settle down into reading something much more positive with my morning coffee.

According to the article, the people of Burlington have managed to get a grip on their electricity needs not with fossil fuels, but with a variety of cheap, renewable resources, including sustainable timber, wind, and solar, with more options on the board for the next, ten years ahead.

Burlington has also taken on the task of rebuilding their surrounding lands’ soils and begin farming more of their own, locally grown food, offering opportunities for upstart farmers.  A large, community garden has also emerged, which now supplies food for needy families.

It’s no surprise that Burlington is Bernie Sanders adopted home town and that he, along with others had much to do with establishing Burlington’s eco-practices.  But now I’m getting into politics again and I really just want to take my political thoughts down from a raging boil to a simmer right now.  I’m on overload at the moment. ..at least, this morning.  If you’re like me, then all I can suggest is to pop over and read this inspiring article on how we, as a community can move in a progressive way to work on our own towards self-sufficiency and battling climate change.

~ C