The Boonville Cottage…Clearing the Lot, Felling the Tree and shopping for ADA Compliant Products

We are still preparing our lot in Boonville and getting ready to build our new ADA compliant cottage.  The building and planning departments have just sent back our plans with a few more requests and some hoops to jump through.  Most of the issues have to do with the ADA .  That’s OK…it’s all part of the process.  I only hope that we can get everything approved soon so that we can get the main shell of the house up before the rains come.  Once winter sets in, we’ll be unable to continue working outside.

The land was recently dozed and smoothed out and the rose garden area had a rough tilling.  My husband felled a huge tree that was in the way and was rotting from the inside out.  It’s a big relief to have that done.  We were worried that the tree would fall on to the neighbor’s motor home at any moment.  The roses and hydrangeas for the gardens have arrived.  I’ve replanted them all in larger pots and given them a dash of fertilizer.  I’m afraid that we’ve lost a couple of plants while we were away on vacation, but the rest are thriving on my porch steps, just waiting for the cooler, fall weather.

I’m now shopping for chic, ADA compliant bathroom and kitchen fixtures.  Easier said than done!  I’m finding a few sites in the UK, such as Wheel Chic Home that have some great ideas, but sadly, many of the products they suggest are just not available in the USA.  Americans are way behind when it comes to designing fashionable homes that are handicapped friendly.  It’s sad, really.  Most of the images that I’ve found from the US look very industrial, like something out of a hospital ward.  Who wants a house that looks like that?  However, I’m bound and determined to change that…at least in my little corner of the world.  I really want this little cottage to be absolutely beautiful, restful and easy for the disabled guest to stay and get around in.  I’ve started a, “wish list for the disabled,” of less obvious items to help me with picking out the right products.  While these are not on the ADA required list, they are still excellent ideas.

  • kitchen sink with side faucets that are easier to reach
  • microwave/coffee center in a low cabinet
  • door levers, not knobs
  • high contrast fixtures and furniture for the seeing impaired
  • a place to store wheelchair, or crutches
  • slightly higher toilet
  • slightly lower sinks/counters, with knee space
  • no vessel sinks
  • pretty grab rails where needed.
  • towel bar/grab bar on back side of bathroom door
  • roll-in shower with chic, teak, fold-down seat
  • shower controls outside the spray area
  • no rugs
  • recliner chair that’s easy getting to up and out of
  • no super low furniture
  • high shelves: decorative, low shelves/drawers: storage
  • low, or no thresh holds in doorways
  • wheelchair friendly garden paths
  • wheelchair parking areas in garden
  • fire alert  and security system with lights and siren

That’s my starter list.  I’m sure that I’ll come up with some more thoughts along the way.  If you have any good ideas, I’d love to hear them.



Finally…We’re Starting the Boonville Cottage and Garden

I know…it’s been months and months since my last posts.  We’ve been so busy.  That’s my only real excuse and I’m sticking to it. 


I won’t go into all of the details, but I can say that it has been a busy year.  The great news is that at last, we are moving forward with our beautiful house and garden plan in Boonville!  We have had the property up for sale, but there were no takers, so we’ve decided to take it off the market and proceed with our original plan to build.  My “Old Woman’s Garden” will finally be happening!

It’s not really a, “house,” but a charming, 1-bedroom cottage that will be rented out to vacationers.  It’s going to be perfect for our guests visiting our beautiful area for wine tasting, cheese sampling, hiking, relaxing and taking in the annual music festivals.  Everything is within walking distance…wineries, brewery, restaurants and music.  The Mendocino coast is only a 30 minute drive away with plenty of vineyards to visit along the way. 

The cottage will be old-fashioned and traditional, clad in creamy, white siding and featuring a bright, red door.  There will be privacy and a beautiful, outdoor space, (I’m hoping for a screened, sleeping porch, budget permitting,) and of course, lots and lots of flowers. 

Boonville Cottage Floor Plan as it stands now.

The plans have been submitted to the county and we don’t foresee many problems with the building department.  The only thing is that they are extremely busy right now, due to the 2017 &2018 fire victims rebuilding.  We certainly don’t mind waiting in line for them to be taken care of first.  We expect to break ground in the spring and it shouldn’t take too long to build. The septic system is already in and we have a well for water and public utilities readily available. 

I’ve already started ordering the plants for the garden, which will probably take several years to take shape.  Various hydrangeas and roses will be the main foundation plants.  Hedges will provide privacy and there will be the proverbial, white picket fence and trellis. The 20, old, apple trees will remain on the property, as will the large shed that we recently painted a soft, barn red. 

Boonville Vacation Rental Garden Plan

The inside of the house will be very traditional with a playful nod to the past.  Of course, there has to be a perfect bed…big and lux…the kind that you never want to get out of.  I plan to make a couple of quilts for that.  I’ll also have lots of furniture redo projects, including some old chairs and a Victorian settee that will need repairs and reupholstering.  We’ll need some interesting artwork too.  Who knows what else I’ll find on Craig’s List and at the antiques fair between now and then.  I’ll keep you posted about those.    

Pictures…I’ll be posting those soon.  (I know, I know, I KNOW!  I’m so bad at taking the pix in a timely manner…my apologies.)  I’ll get the “before” pix up ASAP and will bring you progress updates all along the way. 

Wish us luck!  Building can make, or break a marriage.  This will be our 4th house project and we are still going strong, so it must be a good thing.

~ C

Lizbby’s is Z Place to Go For Mexican Food in Boonville

Libby’s is now lizbby’s

For those of you who make regular treks to Philo, in hopes of eating those tasty enchiladas and chile rellenos at Libby’s, I have some sad news.  Libby and her gang recently hung up their aprons and closed the restaurant.  Good news is that they sold their place to a hard working family, who moved the establishment up the road to the old Boonville Saloon building and across from the Boonville post office.  They’ve changed the name slightly, to, “Lizbby’s,” but fear not, it is the very same menu and recipes as the old place.

As a rite of pilgrimage, our family dined at “Lizbby’s” the first night it opened and we have gone there several times since.  I can attest that the quality of the food is the just as good, if not better and the family members that run it are warm and welcoming.  The atmosphere, while different than the old, Philo place, is certainly friendly, homey and clean.  Their carnitas are still so tasty that they lure me out of my vegan habits and into that old omnivore world.

The Lizbby space is also bigger, with an attractive barroom…a cozy place to grab a cold, Negra Modelo.  It feels a little empty in the tavern area right now, but that’s only because the patrons have not yet discovered it.  It could make for a fabulous gathering spot for celebrations.

Take out is also available.  There have been a couple of times when I had been shopping and running errands in, “Big Town,” all day and was worn out.  So, instead of cooking dinner at home,  I stopped into Lizbby’s for some Burritos to go.  Quick, yummy, inexpensive and filling…the perfect ticket!

Stop by and grab a bite there.  They’re closed on Sundays, but open the rest of the week.

~ C