Spring Vegetable Sushi…Totally Vegan! Part 1

Sushi comes in all forms, but the most widely known types are made with seafood. However, when the spring veggies start coming in at the garden, I go for veggie sushi, made with whatever is going off at the time, plus a few extras. I usually make Maki rolls (filling, seasoned rice, nori seaweed, all rolled up and then sliced.) You could also get creative with other kinds of veggie sushi like Nigiri, or Temaki, but for this recipe, we’ll just go with the more popular Maki roll.

You can find sushi rice in many supermarkets, or Asian grocery stores. If not there, then surely online. It’s different than regular, long grained rice…more sticky and starchy. I like to use brown sushi rice, when I can find it. Nori sheets are paper thin and made of pressed seaweed. Nori can also be found in the places mentioned above.

Many of you probably already know how to make sushi, so in this part, I’m just going to give you some ideas for the fillings. Since I’m, personally, focused on a plant-based diet and this thread IS about springtime veggies, I’m just going to mention the NON-meat/dairy/seafood fillings. Feel free to use other fillings that aren’t plant-based, if you are so inclined. Also, please add to this list!

I’ll post part 2 in the next couple of days, which will tell you how to put it all together. (I’d post now, but my dogs are insisting that we get out for a walk in the beautiful, morning sunshine.)

Possible Fillings:
Fresh asparagus, lightly steamed
sliced, peeled, seeded tomatoes, marinated in kelp powder and soy sauce (tastes very fishy.)
dill sprigs
spring onions
baked, sweet potato strips
Burmese tofu, cut into strips
Teriyaki grilled, regular tofu, cut into strips
carrots, julienned
smoked, sliced eggplant
par-boiled kale, or chard
crisp lettuce
Sautéed wild, or domestic mushrooms, drained
softened, dried seaweeds
peanuts, chopped
sesame seeds
sweet, pickled veggies of any kind
kimchi, chopped
gochujang (Korean chili sauce…yummm!)

Gosh…I could go on and on. What are some of your ideas?


(Pix coming soon!)

~ C

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