Small Craft Farms

I really want to help everyone to check out the small craft farms, breweries, vineyards and cideries that are thriving in Mendo, but lately, there has been so much rain that I’ve barely been able to get down the mountain, much less do interviews and take pix.  There’s so many hidden gems out there!  I promise to make it up to you all and fill up these pages after the warm weather approaches.

Pennyroyal Farm

The first place on my list is Pennyroyal Farm, right here, in Boonville.  I know…this  place isn’t exactly, “hidden,” in fact, it’s right on Highway 128, in plain sight.  My daughter works there and she’s been telling me all sorts of wonderful things about it, from the specially trained grapes in their vineyard that produce their amazing wines, to the adorable goats that provide the milk for their artisan cheeses.  I was supposed to go out there last weekend, but it was raining sideways, so I had to pass.  I promise to venture there soon and tell all of my readers about it, so hang tight.  In the mean time, please visit their Facebook page.