Secret Gardens

I am always amazed when I stumble across a lush, sunlit garden in the midst of the redwood trees and fir forests in our area.  Who knew it was there?  No, I’m not talking about the pot farms.  I’m talking about the jewel-like vegetable, flower and herb gardens that grow in our area.  Please join me and lets explore some of the hidden gardens of Mendocino County.

I am planning to get this project underway this spring, when most gardens start to take shape.  If you live in Mendocino County and have a beautiful flower, herb, or vegetable garden, large, or small, that you would like to share on this web site, please contact me.  I’d love to come out to your place, meet a fellow gardener and write about, as well as photograph your garden.  I promise to keep it a “secret garden” by not naming the gardener’s name, or specific location of the garden…unless of course, you want me to.

If you are just a reader that wants to know more about the amazing gardens in the Mendo area, please check back in a few months.  I promise not to disappoint.

~ C