Quilting Design Resources, Mostly Free!

I’m a quilter and during this pandemic, I’m less of a casual quilter and more of a demonic quilt-a-holic.  Quilting keeps me busy and my thoughts in a good place.  I turn on some music and sit down to the hum of the sewing machine.  The senior dog plops down beside me.  The cat climbs under the fabrics and creates his own kitty cave.  Everyone else takes a nap on the couch.  All is well in my little cabin in the woods.

This time has also given me the opportunity to browse the fabric stores in order to refresh the stash, get a few, new tools, organize it all and finally, to download some quilting design programs.  The first one that I ordered was NOT free by any means.  That was EQ8 and the cost was around $249.  It’s a robust program and I’ve been having a lot of fun on it, creating my new quilting ideas.

There are also some free, or almost free programs out there that I’d like to check out.  Quilting Buddy is one of them.  It’s on the Microsoft site and costs only $1.99.  You can also download a free trial.

Have a photo that you want to turn into a quilt?  Here’s a handy, free tool just for that.  Quilt Assistant  is easy to use and what’s really nice about it is that it doesn’t have to work off of a rectangular grid.  Besides creating traditional quilt blocks, you can make almost any shape of a block that you desire and it will design templates that include seam allowances.  This feature makes it great for paper-piecing projects and art quilt designs.

Are you an applique artist?  If so, you may like Quilt Fusion

Pattern Jam        – fun, like a design wall on your computer.

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