Mendocino Puppies…Lost…Then Found

Tw femail pups, MIdge and Aurora, resting on the porch.
Two, female puppies, resting on the porch.

You may have wondered why I have not posted recently. Well, here’s why. Two weeks ago, a beautiful mamma dog and her three, gorgeous puppies arrived on my porch one morning. I don’t know where they came from or how they got there. They just showed up, dirty, tired and bone thin.

They looked like they had been travelling awhile, all covered in mud and smelling like something dead. Now, our ranch is at least several miles from our nearest neighbor they certainly didn’t dump these pups, so I have to assume that these beautiful creatures were left on the main road and the dogs found their way down to our place from there.

Momma dog waiting for someone to help
Momma Dog waiting for someone to help.

Sadly, Our neck of the woods is a common drop off place for unwanted pets. People just shove them out of the car and drive on. These poor, domestic creatures have absolutely no way to feed, or fend for themselves out in our deep woods. If we didn’t rescue them, they would starve to death, or meet their fate at the jaws of a coyote, or mountain lion. I honestly don’t know how someone could do such a thing, but they do. We find strays at least several times a year, wondering down our road looking scared and tired. We’ve been able to find homes for most of them. A few would not stay around and disappeared back into the forest.

Puppies, Buster, aurora and Midge
The, “Three Amigos,” Buster, Aurora and Midge

I brought them in and fed them and gave them a place to sleep on our porch. Of course, we’ve named them all. Mamma’s name is, “Honey Girl,” a throwback to our Hawaiian roots. The females names are, “Aurora,” and, “Midge.” The male is named, “Buster,” a very fitting name for a friendly, rambunctious guy. Honey Girl looks like an Akita/Pit Bull cross and her three-month-old pups definitely have some Boarder Collie, or Australian Shepard in them. They’re mutts…they’re adorable…they’re exhausting.

Buster and Honey Girl
Buster and Honey Girl

Right away, I started spreading the word hoping that someone might be looking for them, but alas, no one responded. I checked Craig’s List searching for their owners…no luck. As soon as I told my daughter, she put the word out right away via her social media connections. We got instant responses from several, possible adopters and also from a wonderful rescue organization, MENDOCINO SHELTER PETS RESCUE. Their rep showed up at my place a day, or two later and gave them all shots, deworming medication, flea and tick preventative and made appointments to have them spayed and neutered. I agreed to “surrender” the pups to MSPR that they could help us, but decided that we would adopt the momma. So, the puppies are now, “owned,” by the rescue, but I’m still their foster parent for an indefinite period of time. Meanwhile, MSPR is busy finding the, “three amigos,” suitable homes. One pup, Aurora, has already been spoken for and as soon as she has her spay operation, she’ll be on her way to her forever home. I’m hoping the other two pups will have the same luck. If not, then my husband and I are prepared to adopt them too.

They are all very, sweet dogs and Honey Girl is an excellent mom She seems to be familiar with a kind, human touch. That being said, the pups could use some human socialization, as they are a little shy. Aurora has warmed up to us pretty quickly. Buster is great friends with me, but not my husband. Midge is very worried about all of us, humans and keeps a wary eye on everything we do. She’s slowly starting to warm up to us though.

We’ve started on simple, puppy obedience lessons along with lots of hugs, kisses and puppy treats all around. They’ve gone through about 100 pounds of dog food so far, so they’ve been putting on some much needed weight. They also continue to get their regular baths so that they smell, “puppy fresh,” and are flea and tick free. Oh…and good news…They are on their way to being totally house-trained.

So, I guess I’d better make the pitch. Buster will be adoptable after he is neutered this week. Midge will need a little more TLC before she can be placed, but I’m sure she’ll come around. If you live in the Mendocino area and are looking for an amazing puppy dog, with an interesting back story and lots of love to give, please contact the MSPR website about these pups, or any others that they offer. In the mean time, I’ll keep you posted as to their development and ultimate adoption.

Many thanks to Shanna at MSRP for helping us with everything.

~ C


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