Our Place – Life On the Mountain

My husband and I have been so lucky to have lived several amazing places, but our current home, a 160 acre ranch in the coastal mountains of beautiful Mendocino County is by far, the most beautiful.  We are truly blessed.  The ranch is located a few miles from the incredible, “Mendo,” coastline and also a few miles from the peaceful and verdant Anderson Valley.  It’s the best of both worlds.  It takes awhile to get here from any of the main highways or towns, which can sometimes be an inconvenience, and the weather up here on the mountain is a little more extreme, but the positives far outweigh the negatives by living in such a natural and remote location.  The land is rugged, with open grasslands, as well as thick forests of douglas fir, madrone, oaks and redwoods.

Every day, we check out the scenery, of which we never tire of and visit with the animals that inhabit this place.  Our water comes from natural, mountain springs, our heat source is firewood from fallen trees and our electricity from the sun.  Much of our food is grown organically by us in the vegetable garden, berry patch and fruit orchard.  We’re living the life, as they say.

We have also been building our own home.  My husband is a carpenter and general building contractor by trade, so this comes naturally for us.  This is the third home that we’ve built in our life together.  The house is just about done, with only a few odds and ends left to do.  The chicken coop is completed and we’re now making plans for a barn.

Sorry…no pix yet, but I promise to post some soon, as well as keep you posted on the progress that we’re making in the natural and eco-friendly development of this homestead.  Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

~ C