Northern California Fire Victims…Gifts of the Heart

I have many other writings that are in line and need to be posted here, but instead, I bypassed them today to send out my sincere condolences for all of the people that were affected by the recent, devastating fires in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.  The stories have been heartbreaking and I know that down the road houses may be rebuilt and some emotional wounds will heal, while others will not.

It has been a few weeks since the fires broke out, but still, I cannot go into town without hearing people talking about it.  “Were you affected by the fire?”  “Is everything OK at your place?”  People want to know and they want to show that they care.

Sadly, I know several people who’ve lost their homes and others who were severely injured, or have lost family members.  Of course, I immediately sent in money to the appropriate relief agencies, but I needed to do more, so I started making quilts for some of the victims that I know.  They’re not huge, just small throws made from colorful scraps of fabric…cheerful and bright.  I’m not out to decorate their new home for them, just give them a gift that shows that I care.

Now that those quilts are done, I wanted to continue with my quilt giving, so I searched online and found an organization that is accepting quilts and kid’s, homemade pillow cases to distribute to fire victims.  I thought that I would pass the word along to my readers…just in case there are other sewers and quilters out there.  Here is the information from them:


Happiness Is A Warm Quilt

Contact: Meredith Johnson

We are working to partner with organizations in the fire zones for quilt distribution.  We are working to develop a master list of recipients and their needs for quilts.  Potential organizations for distribution include the local quilt guilds, shops, churches, and other non-profit agencies.  We will also be working with the local schools to distribute pillowcases.

Our website is being developed, but in the meantime, please register by e-mail at, and post on our facebook group page if you wish

Our goal is to keep the flow of donations moving to recipients without overwhelming the local organizations –  we want to support our local guilds, shops, and other non-profits who are working so hard to fulfill so many needs at this time.

Help the victims of the Santa Rosa and Napa fires who have lost their homes.  Many victims have only the clothes they are wearing.  We would like to warm their future homes with a bed quilt made with love.  We are seeking donations of bed-sized quilts only.  Please no throw and crib-sized quilts.  Donations of children’s pillowcases also requested.


So, if you belong to a quilting guild,  or are a lone quilter that wants to contribute, or maybe you just want to help out in some other way, please contact Meredith at the email address provided.  Please note that they are not a 501c charity.  If individuals need donation receipts the hope is that their local guild will accept their donations and then send them on to HIAWQ.


Peace and Love,



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