Mendocino Rain…Enough Already

And the Mendocino rain came pouring down…

Mendocino rain drops on window
Mendocino rain drops on the window

Rest assured…the drought in Northern California is now just a distant memory.  We’ve had more than our fair share of rain this winter in Mendocino County.  We’ve had deluge, after deluge…serious storms with winds that have ripped off exterior doors, torn screens and windows from their frames and even blown over our old, heavy refrigerator.   Roads have washed away and chunks of earth have melted into flowing, mud flows.  As of this date, we’ve measured more than 100 inches on the ranch, since the rainy season started last fall and the season is not over yet.

Now, personally, I love the rain.  In fact, I moved here for the “Mendocino rain” experience.  But really, enough is enough.  I have had very few days where I could get out there in the gardens.  You would think that I would get all of those indoor projects done, but no.  I now understand what “cabin fever” is all about.  It’s been mostly days of binge watching Netflix until our bandwidth no longer obliged.  There’s been a lot of cooking, but not necessarily creating new and innovative recipes…popcorn mostly.  There’s also been naps…lots of naps.  Laziness has taken hold and like a sinking ship taking on water, my body is taking on pounds.  I plan to get out and walk with Lucy, my dog, just as soon as the sun comes out and the temperature raises above freezing.  Alas, we’ll have to blaze new trails, since the old ones were washed away.  Sadly, our favorite mushroom patch is located on the other side of the great crevasse that developed when the road caved in.

Between the rain storms, I have been able to dig up the cutting garden, throw on some compost and scatter some seeds.  The veggie garden has seen some a little attention too, but not nearly enough.  We are way behind in getting our seeds started and beds planted.  The fruit trees have been loving all of this moisture and are now budding out, so I guess that there’s some good to all of this water.

As for this blog; it could certainly use more attention.  The act of doing gets me inspired to do more. I need to get out there and take some photos and replace the generic ones that I currently have posted.  We are expecting a few days of sunshine later this week, so I’ll take advantage and shoot some frames.   Real pix, coming soon, I promise.

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