Mendo Pups are Getting Big! UPDATE

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on the Mendo Pups, who are now about 4 and a half months old.  The crew at Mendocino Shelter Pet Rescue have been so helpful and have already placed Aurora in her new home.  They could not have made a better choice for an adopter.  Aurora is doing great with Jackie.  Pup and “Mom” make the perfect team and they’ve already started her in puppy obedience classes.

Buster, the brutally handsome mendo pup

Buster, one of the Mendo Pups
Buster, you handsome devil, you!

Buster has been winning our hearts over and he may just have to stay and live with us.  :::sigh:::.  I’ll let him go, but only if we can find him an amazing home.  Until then, he’s living the life at the ranch.  He knows so many obedience commands now…”sit,” “stay,” “down,” “come.”  “Heel,” is not his favorite yet, nor is, “outside,” but he’s catching on quick.

Midge, the mendo pup that knows how to get the job done

Midge, working dog
Midge, looking like a true, working girl!

Midge has been the super shy pup of the group. We love her too, but we just can’t keep them all.  She really needs to find a forever home soon, so that she can adjust and get socialized with humans.  She’s very, very sweet with NO biting or aggression issues.  But, I think that someone may not have been so kind to her in the past, so she’s a little bit wary of strangers.  However, she’s coming out of her shell and is now starting to look like the serious, working dog that she is.  I know that we will find her just the right adopter that will appreciate her traits and give her the extra TLC that she needs.  Besides, who can say no to a face like that?

These pups are special…really special.  From the serendipitous arrival on my porch steps, to their incredible outlooks on both, humans and mother nature, they definitely deserve to find a unique home and humans that will both, care for them and understand where they are coming from.  These are not the kind of dogs that will be designated to someone’s small backyard, while the owners are at work all day.  They just wouldn’t make it in that environment.  They need lots and lots of outdoor space and one-on-one attention from a real, “dog person,” that will love and appreciate them.  If you know of someone who fits the bill, please contact me or the Mendocino Shelter Pets Rescue.

Thanks, (and the Mendo Pups thank you too.)

~ C

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