Happy Summer Solstice!

I love Summer Solstice!  Maybe it is because of the wonderful celebration on this day in Santa Barbara each year, when there is a fun and colorful parade down State Street and a raucous party in the part at the end of the parade line.  I rarely missed it when I lived there.

This is also a time when my gardening chores are at their peak and the results of my months of toil and labor are starting to show.  The flower garden is beginning to bloom and most of the summer veggies are now either in the ground, or still in starter pots and waiting to go in soon.

We have a few bumper crops this  season…grapes, blackberries…blueberries, honeyberries, aronia berries,  just to name a few.  I also really went overboard on the tomato plants this year.  I must have over 70 plants started!  I have a lot of great, hard-to-find varieties such as  Pink Furry Boar, Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, Pineapple Pig and Black Cherry.  (All bred by  Brad Gates, of Wild Boar Farms, in the nearby, Napa Valley.)  My husband started his own veggie garden this year, so I gave him a lot of my tomato starts, since he has more garden real estate than I do.  We had to order more tomato cages, (actually, sheets of concrete wire that  we roll up into cages,) to accommodate all of the plants.  Needless to say, there are going to be some serious harvesting chores this fall!

Now that summer garden plan is wrapping up and I’m looking ahead to fall plantings.  We’ve ordered a few plants for fall that have just arrived: landscape roses, (Heirloom Roses,) olives, sea berries, blueberries, autumn olive, goumi and gooseberries, (from One Green World, in Oregon.)  I’ll keep them in their pots until we get past the hot weather and the rains start again, then they’ll get planted in our edible display garden, next to the already established, heirloom roses (David Austin Roses,) pomegranates, and Cornelian Cherries (again, One Green World.)

I know…you want to see pix for all of my posts.  I’m way behind in getting those to you.  I promise to have them up in the next few days.

~ C

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