First Pups, Now Kittens!

As I mentioned a few months ago, we were greeted with a mamma dog and her three pups.  We have since kept the mamma, “Honey Girl,” and one of the pups, “Buster.”  We found wonderful homes for the other two pups.

No sooner did we get settled in with the new crew, we discovered a family of kittens on our “in town” property.  They are living under the shed.  More strays in need of some help.  How do they find us?

We’ve been leaving food and water out for them and they have grown.  There’s the mamma, a pale calico, with patches of apricot, soft grey and white, two identical grey tabbies and one pumkin orange tabby.  The kittens are about half grown now.  They’re getting a little more friendly, but they’re still pretty scared of humans for the most part.  I really need to get a trap set for them and get them to the mobil vet clinic for spay and neutering.  I know, they’ll probably never trust me after that ordeal, but at least they won’t be having more litters of homless kitties.

I’ve been meaning to post pix, but these guys are pretty camera shy.  I’ll try to catch shots of them at mealtime and add them to this blog entry as soon as possible

~ C

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