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About Me

I’m Cynthia Alpers and welcome to my blog.  I am a baby boomer, a wife and mother, as well as a life long, organic gardener, mostly vegan, who loves to cook up gourmet meals in my humble kitchen.  I live and work on our ranch, located in the California coastal mountains, specifically,  the “Mendocino Range.”  My husband and I live in our small, off-the-grid cabin that we built ourselves.  We are two, self-reliant spirits who are in total awe of our beautiful surroundings and thankful for every day that we can dwell in this amazing place.

Please read, as I share our lifestyle, community and gardening expertise on this blog and I hope that you will bear with me as I occasionally offer up my own, personal, points of view.

Many thanks

~ Cynthia Alpers