A Little Optimism During This Pandemic

Let’s face it; the year 2020 sucked.  We have been dealing with a major pandemic, which has cost humanity hundreds of thousands of lives, not to mention job losses, isolation and an overall blanket of fear.  We’ve also had the added worries about drought, wildfires and having to cope with a lunatic in the oval office.  It’s been tough for all of us and sadly, some more than others.  My love goes out to all that have suffered loss.

But, now, I am feeling a change in the winds.  There is a new sense of optimism in the air.  We have a newly elected president that will take office soon, along with his female, vice president.  There are now vaccines for the corona virus that are in the final stages of production.  The rains are now drenching a parched landscape, dowsing the persistent fires and I can literally see the trees spreading out their branches to collect the water.  They are renewed.  I now see the first, tiny blades of grass popping up through the soil, which happens each fall and is always my favorite day of the year.

I am now able to take a step back and try to see some of the positive things that came out the the events of this year.

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